Tech Co-founder

Our tech co-founders combine technical expertise with an acute product sense. Building the first version of a product from scratch and hand-picking their tech team, they set the course for creating innovative solutions and outstanding experiences.

Beyond a past record of building things, here are what we look out for;


You're passionate and are able to communicate your energy to future team members, investors and pretty much anyone you meet.

A Hacker

You're someone who’s great at finding workarounds, picking low-hanging fruit, and achieving quick wins.


You can communicate clearly with an audience and bring a strong level of passion and enthusiasm into a room.


Speed is the name of the game. You're as passionate about product as you are about fast-paced, high-tempo execution.


So you must have thick skin, and to be able to push through the naysayers, haters, and other negative Nellies.

Love Business

You love the business side of things, and understand that some technical decisions are deeply rooted in business decisions.

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