Giving every African youth an opportunity to a great career in technology

May 1, 2016

It is often implied that inequality is the result of the unwillingness of those at the bottom to work hard and climb the ladder. But as young people – graduates and non-graduates alike – are increasingly sucked into dead-end jobs with scant opportunities for progression. The reality is that, for many, this ladder does not exist.

Today, we have more power than ever before to create the future we desire; with technology as an enabling factor.

At Codulab, we believe that education, careers, and opportunities in technology should not be limited to any one demographic or sector. We want to ensure that anyone who is willing to work hard and follow their passions has a chance at a meaningful career pursuing work they love.

Through our free Codeclass program, we’re giving every student in every Nigerian university the opportunity to begin a successful career in technology.

The CodeClass Program

Every year, Codulab offers free programming classes (CodeClass Program) to students in selected tertiary institutions across Nigeria.

The aim of the CodeClass Program is to equip students with relevant technology skills to solve real world problems through technology and also prepare them to join existing technology companies and startups upon graduation.

During the program, participants learn how to create a mobile app, a web app and even how to work with and visualize data using industry relevant technologies and methodologies.

The program started last year with 60 students from 3 Nigerian tertiary institutions benefiting from the program. Below are pictures of participants

Photo of CodeClass participants, 2015.

This year, we’re expanding this amazing opportunity to 5 other universities beginning with the University of Ilorin. See the schools participating in this year’s CodeClass Program. Our goal is that by December 2016, Nigeria would have a new set of 100 capable youths who have been equipped with the right skills to solve National problems using technology.


We are seriously working hard to bring this opportunity to other African countries in the coming years. We believe as Africans have an opportunity to shape our own destiny, work together and collaborate more. We must seize the opportunity and enable the communities around us. Our great communal force is needed to make this work. All of us need to get involved.

See the amazing list of organizations supporting this Program and how you can be part.

Together we can build a better Future for our youths. Together we can build a stronger Africa and change the world.

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