Codulab Launches Free Codeclass in FUNAAB

July 25, 2016

In a quest to reduce the rate of graduate unemployment in Nigeria, we lunched free CodeClass in 2015 to equip students across tertiary institutions with relevant technology skills to become meaningful contributors and better problems solver upon graduation.

Early in the year, we made a commitment to extend this opportunity to an average of 200 students across 10 universities. Having launched in 3 universities already, today, we are happy to launch Codeclass at the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta (FUNAAB), making her the fourth university benefiting from the codeclass for the year, while we are work towards achieving the remaining 6 institutions.

The program began on 20th of July, 2016 with 18 students in attendance. New students who would like to join the program are encouraged to signup at

This is only as far as we have come. As Nigerians, our great communal force is needed to make this work. We must seize the opportunity and enable the communities around us. There’s more work to be done, more people to be reached, and all hands has to be on deck. See the amazing list of organizations supporting this Program and how you can be part.

Join us as we build a better and more equipped university graduates!

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