8 reasons why your website is not converting

January 24, 2017

Last week, I got a call from a friend with several complaints about her online business such as: visitors not frequenting her website, the few ones who did only viewed about one or two pages then disappeared without actually buying from her.

Something every business owner should realize is that having a website is one thing, and getting the site to win conversions is another completely different undertaking.

It’s true that good design often results in more visits, but sometimes, other factors beyond the control of the designer may come into play, resulting in poor lead conversion and minimal business activity.

After reviewing her website, here are some faults I found on her website. If your website is also not generating the necessary leads, any of these could be the reason:

  1. Poor or non-responsive website design The first 10 seconds a user visits a website is a key determinant to whether he stays or leave. Does your website look old fashioned? These days, most people browse the internet on their mobile. Is your website responsive - does it display well on different screen sizes? Remember – first impressions count. If you need to ask someone to visit your website and give you a honest feedback of what they think about it, please do.
  2. Poor SEO (Search engine optimization) Here’s a task for you: Visit Google, enter a phrase relating to your business. If you run an online store to sell watches, type something like this “Where to buy quality wristwatch in Lagos”. As you see, Google brings up results with websites that are optimized. If your website is on that list, you’re lucky, if not that’s one of the reasons visitors don’t frequent your website because they just don’t see you when they search. Do something about it!
  3. NO unique value proposition Why are you better than other brands selling the same thing? Are your product/services cheaper, or has better quality, or both. Know the “something extra” and put the reason in a catchy line near your logo. Sell yourself!
  4. No call-to-action After you’ve successfully impressed your website visitors with your great products or services, you need to close the sale – or at least navigate them towards where they can do what you want them to do; BUY. Always have a clear proposition that tells the customer how to buy.
  5. Inactive or Non-existent blog Your blog is the best way to connect with your customers and attract new ones. It’s the best place to show off your expertise, and show customers that you understand their needs and have what it takes to help them solve their problems. It also helps you increase your Search Engine visibility. If you aren’t blogging weekly (at least), you are missing out on a valuable opportunity to drive traffic to your site.
  6. No email opt-in The first time someone stumbles on your website, it is not likely that they will buy immediately. You have to design a way to make them come back to your website periodically. If you allow them to just go away without taking their details, they will most likely forget your website address. The day they need your service, they just won’t be able to remember the name of your website or they won’t even have you at the top of their minds. I advise you step it up, and ask for their email address so that you can stay in touch.
  7. Not properly connecting with customers Believe it or not, your website is the beginning of the sales process. A lot of people expect to be able to connect to someone if they need to ask questions, or they may want to buy from a person instead of a machine. Make the journey to the sale as convenient and friendly as possible. Ensure the email address and phone numbers displayed on your website are working in case a customer tries to get across. If you’re not able to respond immediately, ensure you will get back to the person with the query within 24 hours.
  8. Trust Today, customers are more aware. Customer now do a kind of background assessment or review before making purchase. If you’ve won awards, reviews and endorsements, proudly display them on your website. This way you easily earn their trust. Don’t forget to request ratings and feedback from previous customer – this can be the ultimate sales tool to show your brand delivers. Use it!

I hope this post has been able to shed some light into your questions and doubts. If it did, please tell me in the comments below, and kindly share it using the share button below.

If you still have challenges with your website converting and would like to talk to us about it. We would be more than happy to help. Let’s hear from you.

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