About Us

Codulab is a technology company that creates innovative and powerful solutions to global development problems.

Our Approach

We believe in the power of partnerships. We work with you to create tailored, innovative solutions in the areas of technology and product.

Technology Innovation

With a tech team full of curious, resourceful developers, we build technology solutions that get right to the root of problems, rather than masking the symptoms. Whether it’s a new way to place mobile technology in the hands of rural women, to create feedback loops for local governments or to monitor post-disaster infrastructure, we help organizations to meet some of their most challenging goals.

Products Innovation

By creating real partnerships with our clients, we grow to understand your business, your needs and the people you’re working to help. Your products become our babies, and we take excellent care of them from the moment they’re alive on the web and the whole way through their lifecycle. We build sustainability mechanisms into our products and will proactively create ways to ensure your product stays relevant and up to date.