We invent, design and build digital solutions.

Together with like-minded entrepreneurs, we build teams of co-founders to solve business problems using technical solutions. We believe in creating scalable, fast-growing projects by taking simple ideas and pushing them to the next level.

The Process:

We build startups and digital products

Step 1
Generate ideas internally with a core team of entrepreneurs.
Step 2
Rigorously vet ideas to identify and invest in the top 1% of ideas that customers are demanding
Step 3
Simultaneously build multiple startups based on the successful ideas and concepts.
Step 4
Connect amazing founding teams to run the startups day-to-day.


Completed Projects


Lines of code



Meet our amazing team

A gutsy, curious and talented team with an obsession for new growth

Stanley Ojadovwa
Stanley Ojadovwa

Founding Partner

Mark Huf
Mark Huf

Product Associate

Emeke Ajeh
Emeke Ajeh

Tech Co-founder - Botsend

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