The Startup Hackers

We're Africa's innovative product studio. We partner with talented and passionate entrepreneurs. Together, we build technology-based startup companies; accelerating the process of turning ideas into valuable businesses.

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Entrepreneurs First

We're entrepreneurs first. If we're inspired, we pour everything we have into it. Which is why we only work on the projects we're super passionate about.

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Always Prototyping

A new venture can't be fully assessed on paper. We prototype our way forward to achieve clarity, and build our way up to our envisioned future.

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Growth Innovation

We accelerate internal innovation initiatives to get more out of products, improve operational efficiency, and create happier customers and team members.

Design . Build . Launch

We're building teams that can solve complex issues in product development, engineering, data science and creative. We are looking for talents that become part of the team. We can not wait to meet you!

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